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Saturday, 13 July 2013

poster n what not

My friend Greg from York U.K is putting on some more movie nights at the Duchess this month and also in August. The blob is in August and The Thing will be shown in July. It's a great night with competitions and free popcorn so support this great event if you live locally and get down and see some awesome films! Here are the posters for the events with some doodles done by me.

Also here are the original pictures I doodled. I tried a bit of photoshop colouring in with the blob one. It's a bit hashed as i don't have a mouse, or a good computer...or a good version of photoshop! But i am making excuses.

Finally here is a t-shirt design for the very same Greg's band. I basically had to look at research pictures of people who have committed suicide with shotguns...which was nice. Should be on a t-shirt and available at all good R.S.J gigs soon!

Finally I have been a bit crap at putting more stories and drawings up on here for awhile. It's a little disheartening to have zero feedback and lots of page views from robot hacking programs from Russia....I am going to get some more up on here when I have time. But I found a lost duckling recently and have adopted it! So have my hands full being a mother ducker! If anyone wants more stories let me know and I will get some doodles done.

Jon P

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