My official website is a dead zombie duck wandering the internet wasteland looking for brains and finding none, especially on facebook. This blog was started as a random drawing/story project about proto feminist yeh seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it is just a blog about my art in general with the occasional feminist zombie thrown in

Sunday, 21 July 2013

old sketchbook

About a year ago I did this sketchbook as part of the sketchbook project NY. Seeing as i haven't had too much time to post any zombie pics, enjoy this post apocalyptic tale instead. The story is in the right order but the covers and inside covers are at the end. Enjoy!?...

There are also some older sketchbooks from previous years here:

Should you be lucky enough to live in NY city you can actually visit the art house co-op library and see my books along with many many other peoples too. I have 3 books there altogether. 
The address of the Brooklyn art library is: 103 A North 3rd st, Brooklyn, NY, 11249. They are open 12-8pm everyday. My book numbers are #50500, #S53745 and #S70630. I have never been but I think if you have my name and numbers you can find my sketchbooks as they are all bar coded and what not.

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