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Friday, 22 March 2013

As a young girl Coral wasn't really like the other kids. Were the other girls had wanted to be a princess or a ballerina she'd always wanted to be a super hero. She wasn't too fussy which one she was, super girl, she hulk or wonder woman, just as long as she got some kick ass super powers to beat up smelly boys she would be happy. As she grew up however she realised that super powers weren't real and life was nothing like it was in comic books.

Coral became homeless in her mid twenties, she soon found out that there was one super power that really did exist. Not only did it exist but Coral possessed it. It was the power of invisibility, she could sit on the street begging for change all day and not a soul would look at her. She could even ask people for change but they would still walk past as if she wasn't even there. The only friend she had in the world who knew she existed was her dog Buddy.

Buddy came everywhere with her, he was her companion through thick and thin. No matter how bad things got Buddy was there, he protected her and she looked after him and kept him well fed.

One particularly cold night Coral and Buddy were sleeping rough in a cardboard box behind an abandoned factory when they heard a strange growling coming from the darkness. Buddy began to whimper then bark and before Coral could grab him he ran out of the box into the darkness of the alleyway. Staggering out into the night Coral called out her companions name, she could hear barking in the distance and ran towards what she thought was Buddy. Rounding the corner she was met with something else, a slobbering half rotten zombie dog was ripping into a dead cat, it was tearing the cat to pieces and hadn't noticed Coral. She began to back away slowly but stumbled into some metal bins stacked by the wall making a huge crash. The zombie dog turned its head and let out an awful growl, its eyes were glowing red and putrid rabid strings of drool ran from its yellow tooth filled jaws. Coral froze in terror, the dog pounced at her, instinctively she raised her arm and the dog sunk its teeth into her flesh. She let out an awful scream, the zombie dog tore at her arm then released its grip. Just as it was about to gore her throat to bits Buddy came running out of the darkness, he smashed into the zombie dog knocking it back onto a pile of wood pallets. The zombified beast was impaled on a sharp piece of wood, bent rusted nails hooking into its flesh preventing it from moving. As it thrashed and howled Coral got to her feet and picked up a metal pipe off the floor. She smashed the pipe down onto its head until it lay limp on the ground, it's brains oozing onto the floor. Coral and buddy wandered back to the safety of their cardboard box. Shuffling inside Coral hugged Buddy for warmth, and pulled their sleeping bag up over them both.

Coral shook all night, she had a high temperature and feverish dreams, Buddy stayed with her until morning when he crawled out to look for food, take a whiz and generally sniff at stuff. When he returned he found his owner had turned into a flesh eating zombie, he cowered back from her not knowing what to do. He didn't want to leave her, but didn't want to be eaten by her either. Reaching out to stroke Buddy Coral was surprised when he recoiled from her and ran out of the box. She crawled out and looked at herself in a puddle, her face had rotted horribly in the night. She'd turned into a horrible mess, no wonder Buddy was scared, she was scared too! Getting down on her knees she held out her hand to tempt buddy over, slowly but surely he edged towards her. When he realised Coral wasn't going to turn him into dog food he let her pet him.

Coral and Buddy are still best friends, they wander the country far and wide having crazy adventures. If you should come across them one day why not spare them some change, or some brains.

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