My official website is a dead zombie duck wandering the internet wasteland looking for brains and finding none, especially on facebook. This blog was started as a random drawing/story project about proto feminist yeh seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it is just a blog about my art in general with the occasional feminist zombie thrown in

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fiona is one of those beach babes, perpetually on holiday and perpetually working on her tan. She'd be down the beach at the first sign of sunlight and stay there lounging all day long. Unfortunately for Fifi (as her friends call her) she chose the wrong beach this summer and was attacked by a giant zombie octo-shark and bitten in half. The octo-shark carried her legs into the sea never to be seen again, Fifi's torso sprawled on the beach for several days until a team of zombie paramedics found her and brought her back to after life.

Since then not much has changed really, she still loves the beach and often can be found there drinking cocktails. (which pump out of her stomach hole and mix with the bloody sand) If you see her on the beach, try your luck and offer to buy her a drink by all means, just don't ask her to join you for a swim.

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