My official website is a dead zombie duck wandering the internet wasteland looking for brains and finding none, especially on facebook. This blog was started as a random drawing/story project about proto feminist yeh seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it is just a blog about my art in general with the occasional feminist zombie thrown in

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Trixie wasn't always a quadruple amputee. In life she was a waitress, all that running around carrying plates wore her out and ground her down. She'd usually be serving jerks like you, who slapped her ass and gave her crappy tips with even crappier pick up lines. She'd have to smile and take it or lose her job.
Now that Trixie is one of the walking crawling dead she can have her cake and eat your guts. She had both arms and legs removed so she never has to lift a finger again...instead she is waited on hand and foot and lives an afterlife of luxury.
And don't be all suave thinking she is even going to give you a second look, all the tips in the world won't get you anywhere.

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