My official website is a dead zombie duck wandering the internet wasteland looking for brains and finding none, especially on facebook. This blog was started as a random drawing/story project about proto feminist yeh seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it is just a blog about my art in general with the occasional feminist zombie thrown in

Friday, 15 February 2013

Sheena was a punk rocker, Sheena still is a punk rocker. Punk may be dead, but punks never die. She's lead guitarist in an undead punk band who these days mostly play misfits covers (most of their songs are about crawling out of graves so they go down well with the zombie crowd) Don't bother asking this 3 chord putrid punk rock princess out on a date by heckling her mid song, she will sling her axe and decapitate your slam dancing poser ass before you can finish singing Napalm Death's ''YOU SUFFER'' ...

....enough said really.
And if you were wondering, yeah that is a Travis Bean 500 she is brandishing and she can play it better than you, even with her fingers rotting off.

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